About us

             Era Minerals is the mineral colour cosmetics brand, which was founded by affectionate professionals. For women, who follow the fashion, but not so into it, appreciating and taking care of personal identity; for women, who pay attention to their appearance, but at the same time they are not ready to sacrifice their health. We add a piece of our love to specific formulas of Eva Minerals products, which helps us to make unique shades and exceptional resistant textures. Our aim is to help each woman to highlight her natural beauty, to make elegant accents, to give an opportunity to start feeling independent and irresistible.
            We pay attention to health of every woman and we are proud of our cosmetics having both decorative and caring features. Mineral make-up is weightless, it doesn’t cause any skin irritations, and this kind of make-up doesn’t provide with the feeling of discomfort and and the feeling of a mask on a face. At the same time, Eva Mineral products have good coverage qualities such as an ability to overlap the active color manifestations of the skin or to create intense shades. Despite traditional colour cosmetics, Eva Mineral products consist of hypoallergenic and inorganic ingredients and naturally take care of the skin. Natural components have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, promote wound healing and skin repair, and also they have a high SPF factor. During your daily beauty routine protective properties allow you to keep your skin young and fresh.
            The wide range of shades (there are more than 200 of them) is fully comfortable for creating both calm natural make-up and bright cheeky image. Mineral products do not loose their brightness and perfectly stay on face during the whole day even in hot or windy weather. It does not mater whether you are going to work or, staying in a traffic jam or preparing for the wedding, Eva Minerals products give a sense of confidence that you look more than 100% from different sides. Do you want to be attractive? In this case, use saturated shades, sparkles and holographic powders. For supporters of nude-images we strongly recommend to overall the skin tone and add a little blush, and cosmetics will provide your face with a sleek, rested look. Using Eva Mineral products every woman is able to be a make-up artist for herself.
Thank you for trusting us your beauty!
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