How to use mineral eyeshadow correctly

How to use mineral eyeshadow correctly
Many professional make-up artists have chosen powered eyeshadow because they can be mixed in different proportions to create vivid and memorable shadows and regulate the intensity of the color. Moreover, mineral eyeshadow provides the skin with extra care. Unfortunately, now so many consumers followed this advice. It is considered that applying powder eyeshadow requires specific skills. In this article, we’re going to break down the myth.

It’s very easy to apply powder eyeshadow, but for a better result, you have to accurately go through several steps.

Prepping your lids.
Lightly apply powder on your eyelid to hide all imperfections and cover excessive skin oil. If you use glitter eyeshadow, we strongly recommend putting our mineral primer on your lids to limit the chances of creases in your eye shadow later.

Brushes - yes or no?
The best way to apply powder eyeshadow is to use special make-up brushes. Brushes of different shapes make it possible to create make-up of different complexity.

You can also apply powder eyeshadow using your fingers or sponges. But these methods are not recommended for dark color eyeshadow.

Choosing the right brush is vitally important, but it depends on the eyeshadow texture. For light-glitter eyeshadow you can use fluffy brushes, then for the high-glittered eyeshadow, you have to choose more hard brushes.

How to apply
Put the small amount of the eyeshadow on the brush and then shake off excesses of the product. For more intense result you have to apply properly on the whole eyelid.
Mix the small amount of water with the product to draw arrows.

Eyeshadow falls out.
Powder eyeshadow has only one disadvantage: it can leave spots on your skin. Using a nude shadow is the easiest way to make your eyeshadow look super blended and clean. To avoid eyeshadow fall out, powder the area under your eyes with a translucent powder before beginning the eye makeup. Then simply sweep off the powder.


It is easily applied;
It is easy to regulate the intensity;
Wide color palette;
Colour combinations;
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