Lifting makeup

The desire to look younger and more beautiful is inherent in a woman of any age, and, fortunately, at any age it is real. Of course, at 60 years old, the face will not be as fresh as that of a 25-year-old girl, but you can visually reset 10-20 years without the help of a plastic surgery. If done correctly with using well-chosen products, lifting makeup is an excellent tool for cutting down your age just a bit.

Features of lifting makeup

Lifting makeup hides or minimizes age-related changes on the face. The word "lifting" means "lifting, tightening".

With age, under the influence of gravity, the oval of the face "floats", the corners of the eyes and lips go down. To mask this, direct all the lines of the lifting makeup upwards. Another unpleasant age-related change is wrinkles: mimic wrinkles deepen, a network of small wrinkles begins to appear where the skin was smoother before. A lifting make-up makes mimic wrinkles less deep, and small ones can often be completely masked with its help.

Anti-aging makeup basics

Pre-moisten your skin with cream or oil as much as possible. The drier the skin, the more wrinkles it has, and the more difficult it is to hide them. It will not be superfluous to use a lifting serum.

Mineral cosmetics are great for anti-aging makeup. It does not dry out, does not clog into wrinkles and pores, but creates a smooth, perfectly leveling coating on the skin.

An important nuance: it is not necessary to "prime" deep folds, for example, nasolabial folds - at least if you are not a professional makeup artist. Correct application of primer and tone, sculpting with a bronzer and highlighter will hide them much better.

Pearlescent products are best avoided, but a light shimmery shine is even desirable.

Optimal shades of eyeshadow and lipstick: peach, warm beige, bronze, pink - intense but light.

Apply anti-aging makeup:

Cover the face with a primer such as Airy Primer 201.

With the corrector, we mask bruises under the eyes and age spots.

We darken what needs to be hidden: the face contour losing its clear outlines, overhanging eyelids, wide wings of the nose. It is better to use for this not a sculptor (he can give aging skin an earthy shade), but a bronzer that is darker than the skin tone.

We highlight the center of the forehead, the back of the nose, the inner corners of the eyes, the most prominent points of the cheekbones, the zones above and below the eyebrows, under the lower eyelid, above the upper lip.

Apply a foundation, loose or cream. For mature skin, the warm SKINMASTER 04 is most likely to be used.

We give the eyebrows a shape, without dropping the tip too far down, paint over with a pencil or shadows, fix with gel.

We bring the upper eyelid with an arrow, slightly raising it to the outer corner. It is advisable to tint the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a cream-colored kayal.

Apply eyeshadow, making their color richer towards the outer corners of the eyes.

Curl the eyelashes if necessary.

We paint over the line between the eyelashes, cover the eyelashes with mascara.

A warm pink blush like Blush BL107 will refresh your face and therefore visibly rejuvenate.

We outline the lips with a pencil, shade it inward, apply lipstick to match the color of the pencil. Add some gloss to the center of the lower lip.

Mineral veil will make your skin even smoother, make your makeup look perfect, and your face will look well-groomed, rejuvenated and attractive. No matter how old you are - you are incomparable!

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