Lip makeup: shape, corrections, secrets. 

Lip makeup is the most popular type of makeup. We can easily find a woman, who can neglect using mascara or foundation, but she will always use a lipstick or lip gloss. We may admit, that even with ‘no makeup’ style you may still look attractive wearing bright lipstick on your face. 

It seems that lip makeup is easy to accomplish, but there are lots of nuances you’d better take into consideration. We hope that this article will be useful to you. Stay tuned!


Don’t forget to moisture your lips by applying clear or slightly pigmented lip gloss. If you dream of more divine makeup, then you need to apply a mineral foundation on your lips. We highly recommend choosing Surreal 143. It can fulfill little wrinkles and give the lipstick or the lip gloss a chance to lie flat and last longer.


For outline, you may use the lip pencil or lip brush, with the help of which you can create an accurate line. The color may be the same as lipstick or lip gloss, or also you can use the lip pencil of natural shade.

If the line is too high-pigmented, you may use a cotton swab to shade the pencil. If necessary, then put the foundation on your lips again.

Are you having trouble outlining symmetrically? Take a method that is suitable for drawing the cat-eye: put several dots on the lips, and then make the line.

Lipstick vs lip gloss 

For rich effect, you may use the lip brush, but for more natural lip shade you can apply lipstick with your fingers. If you apply your lipstick via stick, the layer may be too think and you will need to put the napkin on your lips and powder them after. 

Making ideal lip shape

If you have rope lips, you need to draw them out with the pencil, going 1-2 mm beyond their natural outline. We also recommend to use light luminous lipstick and put extra gloss on your lips. 

For liver lips, we advise to mask edges of lips and draw expressive lip outline.

If you have full lips, you may apply the corrector on the natural outline and create a new outline, going 1 mm beyond. Dark or red lipstick makes lips look visually smaller.  

Home makeup production

It may be unreasonable sometimes to buy dozens of lip glosses, lip pencils, or lipsticks, but experimenting has never harmed. So what are you supposed to do when you want to try out new effects and shades, but you are not willing to spend money on lipstick?

 We have the solution: you can buy mineral blush and mineral eyeshadow, which can be mixed up with the lip gloss. Feel free to experiment as much as you can, because mineral makeup is completely safe to use for all purposes!

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