Makeup and health

How to protect yourself from different infections when there is a pandemic, knocking on the door? Why mineral makeup does not contain hostile microbes? How to keep your brushes clean? How to apply makeup safely? Answers to these questions you are going to find in this article. Keep reading. 

Which methods should be used to avoid the peddling of bacteria and viruses?

First of all, you have to remind yourself that it is strictly prohibited to touch your face. We strongly recommend cleaning your hands with the sanitizer. Try to use brushes, sponges or any other makeup tools to avoid hand contact and peddling of viruses and microbes on your skin or mucosa. It is vitally important if you have problematic skin because even a small pimple can convey the infection. 

During epidemic times you wold better refrain from fixing your makeup in public places. Although if there is a strong necessity, try to choose an isolated place because of the lower the risk, the smaller possibility of catching microbes. Forget about shading makeup with fingers and pay your attention to using mineral cosmetics.  

Why mineral makeup is so safe to use? 

First of all, mineral makeup does not contain any microorganisms: grounded minerals are not the nutritious milieu. Secondly, mineral cosmetics create antimicrobial protection because it contains zinc sulfate, which is considered to have anti-inflammatory and decontaminating effect. Finally, mineral products (such as mineral foundation or mineral veil) create a barrier layer. It means that mineral makeup usage not only safe but also advisable due to hygiene reasons. 

How to keep clean makeup brushes and sponges?

Sponges, sharpeners, and palettes can be washed with soap or dishwashing liquid. Then we recommend to wet them with disinfectant and wipe off.

Cleaning and sanitizing of brushes and sponges require a lot of attention because you can easily blemish natural and synthetic bristles by improper care. Makeup artists advice to clean brushes with special liquids or hair shampoo by drying them with the hairdryer. 

It is important to know that you can sprinkle lipstick or other cosmetics of creamy texture with alcohol. Mineral powder, mineral corrects, mineral eyeshadow do not require cleansing like that. 

To sum up, we would like to say that following hygiene norms is vitally important! Stay beautiful and at the same time healthy. 

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