Makeup or no makeup: what to choose during quarantine times

Is there any need for makeup if you stay at home? This topic was put on the spotlight right after the cosmetics appeared on the market. We have decided not to stand aside and cut in with a remark. 

So, home makeup - yes or no? 

We strongly agree that it is reasonable to apply light and fresh mineral makeup because it is so important to gratify your boyfriend with your beauty! But even if you live alone, there are several reasons why you have to say yes to mineral makeup: 

Mineral makeup protects from harmful environmental effects, which the skin is exposed at home. Dust rising during cleaning even in the cleanest apartments, fumes of detergents and cleaning products, heat and splashes in the kitchen can cause irritations, so do not be jealous of skin protection even at home. 

During the day you sometimes need to go to a shop or to receive the order from an online shop. Of course, we agree that makeup is useless for such situations, but appearing in front of the stranger with dark circles and oily skin has never been a good idea. Light makeup in the morning can add a bit of confidence in your everyday routine. 

And finally, we may admit that there is a strong connection between your appearance and your self-awareness. If you feel fresh, relieved and beautiful, it will be a huge contribution to your well-being during quarantine times. 

Makeup with no makeup? Several ideas. 

  • After washing up, moisturization and other procedures, you may apply PRIMER 101, which relieves the rednesses, evens our skin tone and makes the skin silky. 
  • You may hide small defects using the corrector. For masking acne, choose CAMOUFLAGE CORRECTOR in 202 shade

  • Use a brow gel to make them look natural, or you can use our mineral BROW SHADOW
  • Never forget about highlighter! We recommend trying our mineral luminizer RADIANCE, which is perfect for all skin types and skin tones. 

  • TWINKLE EYESHADOW is perfect in creating fresh and dusty makeup. Apply one layer of mascara and enjoy your look!

  • Finish your makeup with our MINERAL VEIL, which makes your skin fresh and rested. 

     Smile yourself n in the mirror. Be sure — you are gorgeous!

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