Mineral foundation vs loose powder

What is the difference between foundation and loose powder? And why do cosmetologists all over the world advise to use mineral cosmetics as a daily routine? Why makeup artists prefer mineral foundation to accustomed one? All these questions women tend to ask us pretty frequently because this topic arouses public interest.

To properly open this issue, we have prepared an article in which we are going to compare two different products - a full-coverage foundation and a loose powder. Moreover, here you may find some information about our mineral veil - a product, which resembles powder, but at the same time is quite different.

Dissimilarities of mineral foundation and loose powder.

Formula. Apart from bare minerals, the accustomed loose powder may contain synthetic oils, fragrance components, preservatives and other elements of doubtful utility. Sometimes you can meet talc in its composition, which is rather dangerous for skin routine.

Era Professional Makeup foundation has only floured minerals: titanium dioxide, boron nitride, silicon dioxide, zinc compounds, mica, and others. This foundation is natural, hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly. Minerals do not deteriorate, so there are no preservatives used during production. The date of expiry is also not limited.

Through the use of the iron oxides and ultramarine, the powder gains its tone. These elements are safe to use an external application. Iron oxides and synthetic dyes can be used during the coloration of the powder.

Attention: a foundation marked "mineral-based" or «with minerals" is not

mineral makeup.


Many women are confused me the opinion that the loose powder evens out the skin tone. To all intents and purposes, it was created especially to absorb skin production and giving it a satin finish and also for fixing up the foundation.

Mineral foundation has all properties listed above, gives a fresh skin tone. With the help of it, you can add a bit of healthy glow, make the skin look fine and hide small imperfections.

Attention: some mineral foundations have higher coverage and easily deal with hiding skin defects. Small scars, skin eruption, and insignificant rednesses have to be covered up by the mineral foundation of Surreal Line or locally, using mineral concealers and correctors.

The density of application.

Excessive skin tone is no longer a solution. To avoid the problem of heavy coverage, do not forget to buff your mineral makeup!

Face esthesia.

The normal powder is usually felt on the skin if it is applied in a heavy layer. Mineral products are usually impalpable because of their light texture.


Mineral foundation is more long-lasting because microparticles of natural minerals have a very good skin conjunction.


The usual powder does not contain any SPF-filters when titanium dioxide in the mineral foundation is a natural blocker of harmful sunlight



The simple powder is not water-resistant, and mineral has water-repellent properties. In extreme heat or if you are poured with rain, the drops will just run down it, and make-up will stay on the skin perfectly.

Target audience.

We do not recommend to use loose powder for women with dry skin and aged women, because it emphasizes wrinkles. Also, women who are amenable to allergies better to be careful with using it because it easily causes skin irritation. It clogs pores and degrades skin condition.

Our mineral foundation is produced for three skin types. There are only pure minerals in its composition, but according to the skin type, their amount depends. Allergies on mineral makeup happen rarely.

The mineral texture does not clog pores, and due to the zinc sulfate, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is the best choice for acne skin.


The mineral foundation is the economy-type. Even if it is more expensive then loose powder and the package sizes are equal, it will take much longer.

Mineral veil - photo filter in reality?

Fundamentally, the mineral veil is one of the types of mineral powders, gaining all its pros. It is transparent and weightless, so it is even airier than light mineral powder. A mineral veil covers the skin in soft materials - and that’s why it is called a veil. The veil is impalpable, but it can brightly transform your skin.

The mineral veil is transparent, and it has a reflective effect, giving the skin the satin finish. It visually evens out the skin tone, hides wrinkles and age lines, masks pores and skin pigments provide the face with radiance. Natural, Nude makeup with a veil becomes more expressive, sophisticated and dramatic.

Unlike powder, you can apply mineral on the whole face, including the eye area. You can also put it on collar bones, on your arms and other body parts, even if you are planning to go for a fabulous party.

In conclusion, we would like to say that all qualitative and well-produced mineral makeup is safe to use! Moreover, mineral products have a healing effect, which will facilitate your skin health. 

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