Taking care of you eyelashes

We have never doubted that our readers know how to use mascara. If your purpose is to make your eyes look divine, then you’ve certainly selected the perfect tool. Although for creating the perfect makeup look you need to be aware of some mascara tricks, as well as you always have to remember that the ideal lash makeup your lashes should be well-groomed. 

Lash nourishing. 

The basis of makeup is gentle removal. For removing your mascara, beauty counselors recommend using cotton pads with micellar water. You can also wash off mascara with warm water, coconut oil, almond oil, or any other cosmetic oil, which helps to remove even water-resistant mascara. Ideally, the pads are applied to the eyes for 2-3 minutes, and after the mascara softens, it is washed off easier. After the specified time, gently wipe your lashes and wash your face to remove any remaining makeup. By the way, you need to wash your face before applying mascara. If the micro-contaminants are removed, the makeup will lie flatter and last longer.

For lash growth and it is advantageous to have medical and cosmetics procedures. You can buy special care products or apply oil on your lashes. We recommend selecting castor, burdock, or usma oils, which you can apply using the brush from your old mascara. 

Lush makeup.

To begin your makeup, apply out mineral primer Airy Prime 201 under the brow or under the lower lashes. If the mascara stains the skin, you don't have to spend time washing it off, risking spoiling the makeup - just wait for the mascara to dry and easily brush it off with a dry brush or cotton swab.

Do you like the idea of applying mascara on both upper and lower lashes? Put the product on the lower first, then on the upper. It is noticed that this way the makeup turns out more accurately. We do not recommend applying mascara on your lower lashes if you have:

- large, wide-open eyes - you risk looking like a doll;

- the lower lashes are very thick-made-up, they look unnatural;

- there are bruises, bags or wrinkles under the eyes — do not attract attention to them.

Try applying mascara to the upper lashes not only from the bottom, from the side of the eye, but also from the top. The result can be very surprising.

For nude and natural effect you can apply only one layer of mascara, for more divine looks you can put up to 5. If you want to get the effect of ‘spider legs’, then wait for some minutes before applying the next layer. If the lashes are still stuck together, carefully comb them with a brush.

Even if you do very nude makeup, put mascara on your lashes completely, not just the tips. 

At the end of the article, we share a method that will make your lashes unusually thick with regular mascara and mineral powder. Apply a layer of mascara. Then, until it is dry, put the mineral powder directly on it. Then again the mascara. The lashes will become noticeably thicker and slightly longer. If you need a "wow effect", repeat the steps with powder-mascara.

We hope our tips will help you emphasize the beauty of your eyes.

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