Mineral Colour Cosmetics is all about quality. Our products are made from microparticles minerals and inorganic pigments. Unlike traditional color cosmetics brand, mineral makeup contains no aromatic fragrances, talc, alcohol, dyes, and oils. Since it does not include moisture, it does not multiply bacteria, and therefore, preservatives are not a part of the composition. Mineral color makeup naturally takes care of the beauty of the skin. All-natural pigments are inert and so not cause allergy, irritations, and inflammations. Hypoallergenic mineral makeup is recommended for oily and problematic skin. This is an ideal type of makeup for sensitive skin, it soothes irritations and gives a sense of freshness for the whole day. Mineral cosmetics are also recommended for the age makeup because it visually evens out the skin tone. The mineral make-up can be used in various climatic zones, it does not lose the efficiency neither in dry nor in a humid climate. Mineral products are economical in their use, and for intensive look, only two brushstrokes are required. The main advantages of the mineral makeup: LIGHTNESS. Mineral make-up doesn't block pores, allowing the skin to breathe. It is also weightless, doesn't cause any irritations or create a facial mask sensation. RESISTANCE. Mineral make-up perfectly stays on the skin even in hot or rainy weather and looks fully natural. THE POSSIBILITY OF MIXING. You can mix different tones and shades with each other to find your perfect color, which is especially valuable in the work of a makeup artist. ABSOLUTELY SAFE. Mineral color cosmetics do not contain any harmful substances, such as bismuth and talc, silicones, artificial dyes, and fragrance. HYDRATION AND NUTRITION. Boron nitride, silk, and lysine, which are part of mineral cosmetics, provide the skin with amino acids and maintain its water balance. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES. Zinc sulfate, titanium dioxide and allantoin, having both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, promote healing of wounds, hems, and skin restoration. PROTECTION OF SPF. Mineral makeup contains natural SPF filters. The titanium dioxide and zinc sulfate provide safe and effective protection from ultraviolet rays of UVB and rays of UVA, which cause aging and skin cancer. 100% NATURAL. Era Minerals makeup is a cosmetics without parabens, alcohols or aromatic fragrances.
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