Makeup CoverGirl? How does it look like? We always pay attention to the evened facial tone, bright lips, and eyes, but these are not the whole components of the flawless makeup look. Using mineral makeup, you can create any image you want!

Blushes and luminizers help you to highlight the most attractive parts of your face. On our website, you can not only but the mineral products, but also enjoy the process of the application. Soft and silky shades can certainly make your complexion longer and healthier. 
 With our mineral luminizer, you can forget about the harsh skin tone. This indispensable product creates the effect of internal skin radiance and gives the skin a healthy shine thanks to its semi-transparent texture. Depending on the size of the reflective particles, mineral luminizer matches both day and evening makeup. 

Mineral bronzer corrects the face shape, visually reduces the nose and emphasizes the beautiful line of the cheekbones. Buy now, doubt later!

Mineral cosmetics are aimed to highlight your natural beauty because of its’ transparent textures and healthy mineral components. Choose the shade you like the most, but for special occasions use our mineral shimmer formula with completely transparent texture. Its large reflective particles give a stunning effect to the most festive image.
 Era Minerals will do the best to create the most sophisticated makeup especially for you!
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