Eye Shadow
Era Minerals eyeshadow contains only natural ingredients. Mineral pigments make eyeshadow easy in use and comfortable for application. They also do not cause any irritations even on the most sensitive skin.
 Mineral eyeshadow perfectly stays on your face for the whole day. You can use your creativity for a better result because of the mineral particles that reflect the light. For creation colorful arrows you may use our mineral eyeshadow blended with water. 
 We offer you a wide range of textures and shadows so that you can choose your matching color. Transparent and weightless texture among the 200 shades in palette creates a sophisticated game of colors. Also, you can mix mineral eyeshadow up for the more intense shade. 
 Makeup, created with the help of our mineral eyeshadow, does not only look great but also provide the skin with extra care. Minerals, purified and crushed into the lightest powder, do not clog pores and allow the skin to breathe. All products have a therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effect. With Era Minerals cosmetics you can create an image for any holiday and party.
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