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Can I mix mineral make-up with other colour cosmetics?

Of course! Mineral make-up is very good at «cooperation» with other kinds of make-up. All components are inert and can react with other ingredients.

From what age can I start using mineral make-up?

You can use mineral make-up at any age. Mineral make-up is so popular not only because of its decorative qualities, but also of its safety. Moreover its SPF-filter is good for all sexes and ages

Is it true that mineral make-up has healing properties, reduces inflammations and even has anti-age factors?

It is true. It can be surprising that the mineral make-up can reduce the amount of wrinkles on your face, but minerals are inert and provide the skin with dozens of nutritious components.
Nowadays there are two main reasons of premature skin aging. It is «photo aging» and skin inflamations.

Stress and UX-rays can cause cell damage and damage of extracellular matrix.

Changes are slow but they start appearing even under the small dozes of UX-radiation. So it is rather hard to define skin displacement in the first instance.

What’s the best way to apply the mineral make-up? Which preparations procedures should be made before applying? How to fix mineral make-up?

For the better result before applying mineral make-up your skin must be moisturised and cleaned. Moisturizing cream should not leave any spots on your face. Also we recommend to use day or light cream.

Mineral make-up can be easily applied on your skin with soft make-up brushes, but the quality of the brushes is vitally important.
In order to boost the make-up persistence, before applying make-up you can use the mineral primer, and after completing the look you can use the mineral veil or the face spray. 

Is it true that mineral make-up cosmetics doesn’t have any artificial dyes, preservatives, additives perfumes and any other harmful substances?

It is true. The main ruction of the mineral make-up belongs to mineral pigments, which do not cause allergy.
Preservatives in the mineral cosmetics are out of use because of it’s powdery consistency. Mineral cosmetics doesn’t have water, oils or other ingredients which need to be preserved.

Additive perfumes and other harmful components also are not used in mineral cosmetics.

Is it true that people who suffer from dermatitis, have sensitive skin or acne can use mineral cosmetics without serious consciences?

It is true that mineral make-up is absolutely safe for people who suffer from dermatitis or any other skin problems. It is not only harmless, but even beneficial in the case of the problem skin.
Although, our bodies are all different and even the safeties products like water or salt become the reason of irritations.
Thanks to longitudinal researches that have revealed popular allergens, and mineral cosmetics components are not referred to them.

Although not all mineral cosmetic brands are the same. Some manufacturers use substances like bismuth oxychloride, which is an allergen and can cause itching or skin inflamations.
As to the other components used in decorative cosmetics like emulsifiers, preservatives or additives perfumes, they are not added to formulas of mineral make-up products.

Mineral make-up is the only kind of make-up which is recommended in use after cosmetic procedures. It is not only safe for the skin, but it also can protect the skin from solar radiation or bacteria.

What's the main difference between mineral cosmetics and cosmetics with minerlas? What are the types of mineral cosmetics by texture?
Pure mineral cosmetics doesn’t have elements like talc, alcohol, oxychloride, artificial colours or preservatives, which are considered as allergens and can cause skin irritations. Era Minerals Cosmetics is primarily the weightless powder because of lack of synthetic substances. Our products are produced from crushed and cleaned components. Because of these factors our cosmetics will not be the reason of the skin irritations.
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