Privacy Policy

We respect our customers and appreciate their privacy. Any personal information you choose to share with Era Professional Makeup (e.g. contact information, date of birth, gender, payment information, username and password) will be collected in an effort to improve your online experience and to communicate with you about our products, services, contests and promotions.

Era Professional Makeup also collects certain information from you automatically. We may also collect information about your usage and browsing habits via various web-based technologies, which are described in detail below. By using Era Professional Makeup website or by otherwise giving us your information, you agree to the terms of this Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, you must not use our websites or applications or give us any of your information.

Q: How do we collect information from you?

This Privacy Policy applies to information that we, Era Professional Makeup, collect from or about our customers information. We may combine information collected via various web-based technologies. We do this for the purpose of further personalization and better communication with our customers.

Q: What information do we collect from you?

We may collect from you various types of information, which are described in more detail below. In our sole discretion, we may combine one type of information with another type of information, and store them together in our records. Notwithstanding the amount of information we collect, we strive to collect less.

Personal contact information

This includes any information that would allow us to personally contact you, such as your name, home or mailing address, phone number, or email address. We typically collect personal contact information in connection with a variety of activities, including account registration, product orders, customer service, contests and promotions, and customer feedback.

Account login information

This refers to any information that is required for you to establish a unique account to give you access to your specific account information. Examples include customer number, login ID, screen name and password. Certain login information, such as your customer number, may be generated by us and then sent to you. Your account login information is confidential and should never be shared with any third parties.

Demographic information

This includes any information that describes demographic. We basically collect demographic information connected with a variety of activities, including account registration, contests and promotions, and customer surveys.

Technical computer info

This includes any information about the computer system or other technological device that you may be using to access our website. We typically collect this information through the use of automated technologies such as cookies and web beacons.

Payment information

This includes any information that you use to make a purchase, such as your credit card details (cardholder name, card number, expiration date, etc.), gift card information, check or other forms of payment (if such are made available). We only collect payment information for purchases.

Website usage information

This includes information about how you use and navigate our websites and applications, including which links you click on, which pages or content you view, and other similar information or statistics about your interactions with our websites or applications (e.g., date and time of visit, which site you came from, etc.). This information is captured using automated technologies such as cookies and web beacons, and may be collected regardless of the device you may be using (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). This information may also be collected using third party analytics services (such as Google Analytics) that collect data in aggregate (such as number of visits to a particular page or the amount of time spent on a site). We may also use these technologies, such as web beacons, to capture information about how users respond to certain email campaigns (e.g., time the email is opened, where users link to from that email, etc.).

Customer-generated content

This refers to any content that you create and then share with us (and perhaps others) by uploading it to one of our websites or applications, such as our Instagram account. Examples may include photos, videos, personal stories, or other similar media or content. We mostly collect customer-generated content in connection with contests and promotions, website community features, customer engagement, and third party social networking.

Social network information

This refers to any information that is part of your profile on a third party social network (such as Facebook) and that you allow the third party social network to share with us or that you post publicly. Examples may include your basic account information (e.g., name, email address, profile picture, gender, birthday, current city, user ID, list of friends, etc.) and any other additional information or activities that you permit the third party social network to share with application developers.


When you access our website, a cookie is placed on your machine (if you accept cookies) or is read if you have already visited our site previously. Please, pay you attention that by disable cookies, you may not use all the features of our website wholly. One use of cookies is to assist in the collection of site visitation statistics. Thus, in conjunction with obtaining information through cookies, our web servers may log details such as your operating system type, browser type, domain, IP address, language your system uses, country and time zone in which your device is located, and other system settings. Web beacons may be used to assist in delivering the cookie on our website and control which web servers collect the aforementioned information.

Third Party Web Analytics

We also use third party web analytics services on our website, (such as «Google Analytics»). These service providers use technologies such as cookies, web server logs, and web beacons to help us analyze in which case our visitors use the site. The information collected through analytics services is not available for the third-party service providers.

In our sole discretion, we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without notice.

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