About Era Minerals

Professional Makeup

Era Minerals is a mineral color cosmetics brand designed for women who want to express their personal identity and beauty through makeup without sacrificing their health. We add a bit of love to every formula and are committed to making unique shades with exceptional textures. We aim to help each woman highlight their natural looks in order to feel more elegant, independent and irresistible.

We pay attention to the health of every woman

We are proud of our cosmetics for both their look and their quality. Mineral makeup is weightless and doesn’t irritate the skin. At the same time, Era Minerals products have good coverage and can be built up to create intense shades and high impact. Era Minerals products consist of hypoallergenic ingredients that naturally care for the skin. Natural components have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, promote wound healing and skin repair, and have a high SPF. Incorporating our makeup into your daily beauty routine will keep your skin young, fresh and vibrant.



Explore a wide range of shades

Our wide range of shades (there are more than 200 of them) can create both natural and high-impact looks. Mineral products do not lose their brightness and stay on the face during the whole day even in hot or windy weather.Whether you are going to work, stuck in a traffic jam, or preparing for a wedding, Era Minerals products will give you a sense of confidence. Using Era Minerals products every woman can be a make-up artist.

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