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How to select eyeshadow according to your eye color

To make your eyes brighter, choose contrasting colors using Itten’s color wheel. Shades that are opposite each other can be mixed together.

For green eyes, the perfect solution would be shades that include the color red: red-orange and red-purple. But this does not mean that your makeup should always contain such bright colors. Use pastel and brown shades of the same range with a warm undertone.

For blue eyes, the contrasting color is orange. Try derivatives of this shade, such as yellow, gold, ochre, peach, terracotta, and vanilla. Tones of bronze will be great helpers in everyday looks.

Brown consists of red and green. Brown eyes can be either brown-green or copper. Choose shadows based on what tone you want to emphasize. Amber will become brighter against the background of blue, and greenish brown eyes will be best accented by shades of red.

Gray is a mixture of red, blue, and green in equal proportions. Therefore, the choice of colors is very wide: from soft sandy shades to bright green. To make gray sparkle, use more warm colors in your makeup.