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Makeup that complements the shape of your eyes

Creating a powerful look takes careful selection. We can walk you through it. Similar to how you select a wardrobe based on your body shape, you should select your eye makeup to match your eye shape.
For each eye shape, we have selected a technique for applying products that will perfectly complement the entire look, making your makeup more expressive, and your flaws less noticeable.
Almond-shaped eyes
Oval, the outer corners of this eye shape are slightly raised.
Start with making a light, smoky make-up in brown tones. Apply beige shadows to the eyelid, almost to the eyebrow line. We recommend that you highlight the crease of the outer eyelid: draw a dark line, and then carefully blend it. A darker line just above the eyelashes will help complete the image. Here you can experiment with the shape, but a simple thin line along lashes will definitely be a win-win option.
Round eyes
Large doll eyes can appear very feminine. The beauty of the eyes of this shape will be especially noticeable if you apply dark shadows to the center of the eyelid and highlight the edges with light shades.

Another approach is to apply light shades just below the eyebrow and then dark shadows to the eyelid. Consider applying mascara only from the middle of the eye in the direction of the outer corner. Doing this will visually lengthen the eye section.
Asian eyes
Classic smoky eyes will help to emphasize the depth and make the eyes visually wider. It can be added in both dark and light shades. There is no special application technique here, so feel free to experiment adding the eyeshadow above and below both lash lines.
If you want to create an everyday look, use the eyeliner. For Eastern eyes, the line should be as thin as possible along with the growth of the lashes, and it should become thicker to the outer corner of the eye.
Downturned eyes
These eyes can appear sad as the outside corners are slightly lowered. If you want to adjust your eye profile using visual effects, use medium or dark shadows on the outer corners of your eyes.
Wide-set eyes
This kind of eye visually makes the nose bridge wider. The method of applying makeup to such eyes is radically different from the others. For example, it is better to make the eyeliner line thicker at the inner corner of the eye and thin it in the direction of the outer one. Working with eyeshadow, you can use two or three shades. The darkest of them should be applied to the inner corner of the eye, shading towards the outer. In this way, the distance between the eyes will be narrowed down.
Close-set eyes
The main rule for applying makeup for this eye shape section is to darken the outer corner of the eye. You can also emphasize the outer corner of the eye with a dark pencil or eyeliner.
The next step is to apply light shadows to the inner corners of the eyes.
Hooded eyes
To visually shift the look of an overhanging eyelid, you need to lightly dust dark eyeshadow over the whole lid. It is better to use natural colors, for example, a gray-brown color. Do not be afraid to add eyeliner-the eye will become bright and clearly defined.
Remember that there is no perfect eye shape. Models, singers, and actresses also take to the wonders of makeup, hiding facial imperfections and accentuating their favorite features. If you are wondering how to make your eyes expressive, just study the features of your face and choose the right technique. With our tips, your eyes will always look bright and beautiful.