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Mineral Foundation - which one to choose

The basis of every foundation is a natural and even skin tone. It’s easier to experiment with your makeup if you’re starting with a solid base, otherwise color cosmetics will highlight all of your skin imperfections.
We have decided to launch the mineral foundation guide to help you to choose the best formula. Our unique mineral foundation can adapt to any kinds of skin tones, hiding imperfections and staying weightless. Thanks to the minerals in the composition, which allow the skin to «breathe» and forget about clogged pores. The main advantage above other foundations is that its texture is light and it has UVA ad UVB protection in its formula.
Era Minerals has created four types of foundation that meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.
  • Surreal is created for all skin types. It is full coverage to help make the skin look evened out and hide signs of fatigue.
  • The Velvet line is created for dry skin. Its components normalize skin water-balance which keeps the skin moisturized.
  • Flawless line with the mattifying effect is perfect for oily skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect because of the zinc oxide and silica, and its absorbent characteristics relieve the skin of excessive oil. The formula of this foundation perfectly hides all imperfections, providing excellent staying-power throughout the day.
  • Versatile line has a shining effect and suits all skin types. This is an indispensable tool for creating makeup that glows. Small reflective particles give a healthy look to even the most tired skin. The Versatile line has a small selection of shades, so this powder can be a great addition to the other foundation to achieve the desired effect.
Mineral foundation is easy to use. Like any other mineral foundations, it is applied with brushes. We recommend using our new Era Minerals brushes for the best coverage. Apply the mineral foundation in a circular motion, starting from the places where you have redness and other imperfections. For an even more flawless effect we recommend using our mineral prime.
We strongly recommend purchasing two different shades of foundation: one for summer and a lighter shade for winter. To create a one-of-a-kind shade, you can also mix up two different foundation shades. Beauty-professionals create perfect matching color via blending light and dark shades.
To find your perfect shade, use our three-digit numbering.
It’s really easy to use.
The first number indicated the skin type:
For all skin types (Surreal line);
For normal to dry skin (Velvet line);
For normal to oily skin (Flawless line);
For all skin types (with a light glow effect) (Versatile line).
The second number indicates the undertone.
Cold pink;
Neutral with a pink undertone;
Neutral beige;
Warm beige;
Natural peachy.
You can easily select the matching mineral foundation shade if you know both your skin type and your undertone. With Era Minerals Cosmetics you have everything you need to create the most beautiful, natural skin tone.