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Makeup and health

A quick look at how to protect yourself during a pandemic, including more information on why mineral makeup doesn’t keep hostile microbes, how to keep your brushes clean, and how to safely apply makeup.

Which methods should be used to avoid spreading bacteria and viruses?
We strongly recommend using brushes, sponges and other makeup tools instead of your hands or fingertips to apply makeup. This is especially true if you have acne-prone skin as even the smallest infection.

Likewise, refrainfrom fixing your makeup in public places. The more isolated the environment, the lower the risk and smaller the possibility of catching microbes.
Why mineral makeup is so safe to use?
Mineral makeup does not contain any microorganisms Mineral cosmetics also create antimicrobial protection because they contains zinc sulfate, which is considered to have anti-inflammatory and decontaminating properties. Finally, mineral products (such as mineral foundation or mineral veil) create a barrier layer, this means that mineral makeup usage is not only safe but also beneficial.
How to keep makeup brushes and sponges clean?
Sponges, sharpeners, and palettes can be washed with soap or dishwashing liquid. We then recommend wiping them with disinfectant wipes or liquid.
Cleaning and sanitizing brushes and sponges requires more care as both can be easily damaged. Makeup artists advise cleaning brushes with special liquids or hair shampoo and then drying them with a hairdryer.
You can also spray lipstick or other cosmetics with creamy texture with alcohol. Following these guidelines will help you stay beautiful and healthy.